Wednesday, April 16, 2008

KMHD is awesome.


By now pretty much all of you know my plans to move to Portland in July. If you don’t know already, well, SURPRISE!


Anyway…let me tell you about an AWESOME radio station over there. It’s called KMHD and it broadcasts from Mount Hood Community College in Gresham (a suburb). A couple months ago I pledged some money because I had started to listen to them online. It seemed fair. I didn’t have enough for the membership, but asked if I could at least get a bumper sticker. The woman I spoke with was very kind and said that wouldn’t be a problem. Almost immediately afterward I received TWO bumper stickers from them and they are the window cling type so I can reuse them whenever I want! Bonus!

I figured that was that. It was nice of them and I was grateful.


Yesterday in the mail I received ANOTHER bumper sticker (this one is GREEN!), a post-it pad with their logo on it, a broadcast schedule, a gift certificate for Acadia in Portland AND a coupon for 20% off a purchase at Music Millenium there too!

Holy crap!

Thinking they accidentally processed my donation as a membership, I sent an email thanking them and asking if they needed more money. This was the membership coordinator’s response:


What you received is what KMHD can afford for its advertising budget. We count on word of mouth and it sounds like you will be a great new addition to Portland and KMHD’s listening audience. I’m glad you enjoyed and will be able to use firsthand the KMHD premiums and there is no additional contribution other than what your own conscience might dictate. Although I will say, “it’s tax deductible!”

Might I preemptively welcome you to Portland, I think you’ll find it very livable.


Mary Burlingame
KMHD, Membership Services

Thank you Mary! That was nice of you guys! Portland and I are going to get along just fine with people like you there and I can't wait to try those businesses! I happen to love music and food. It's like you KNEW. Haha!

Such a nice surprise.

Also I would like to note I am listening online as I type this. Just so you know.


Via Ferrata said...

You are sooooo lucky. I know you will have a blast in Portland. I will miss you TONS.

Pjamms said...

Thank you. I will miss you too!

Visiting is never out of the question... ;)

Shelley C said...

Dear Michael,
I enjoyed my trip to Mt. Hood when Richie ski raced there. A dear friend of mine was just named President of Mt. Hood Community College. Email me and we can chat!

Pjamms said...

Oh wow! That's awesome! I will! Nice to hear from you!